What is an Essential Oil?

 They are aromatic, volatile liquids that by the process of steam distillation are extracted from trees, shrubs, flowers, roots and seeds. At the Integrative Vet Med Center, we use essential oils to support health  in our patients.When we combine essential oils with nutrition, whole food therapy, chiropractic adjustments and/or acupuncture, relief comes more quickly and the results are often amplified.

Common Methods of Application

Water Based Diffusion

The gentlest, most ideal way to introduce oils to animals (dogs and cats) is by using an ultrasonic diffuser, in an open space. If a change in breathing rate, panting, drooling, squinting or other unusual behavior occurs, stop diffusing and increase exposure to fresh air.

Water Misting/Spritzing (dogs)

Drops of oil are added to distilled water in a glass spray container. Spritzing is not recommended for cats. They hate being sprayed.

Topical: Local or Petting

Essential oils can be added to a carrier ointment and applied locally or diluted in a carrier oil and “petted” with both hands through the dog’s coat. Petting oils is not generally recommended for cats; they don’t like it.